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Conversational & Search-Driven Analytics

Augment self-service BI and analytics with the power of voice, search, and natural language

Conversational & Search-Driven Analytics

What if anyone in your business could ask a question in natural language and get answers instantly?

Tellius search-driven analytics expands intuitive and powerful self-service to the entire organization, even answering important questions you haven't asked yet.

Intuitive Data Exploration

  • Natural Language Query

    Just ask questions of your data - Tellius learns your business vocabulary

  • Conversational Analytics

    Have a conversation with your data with voice and contextual dialogues

  • Uncover the Why

    Instantly discover underlying drivers behind performance metrics

  • Curate and Share

    Easily share and collaborate on new insights with your team through dashboards.

Ask questions of all your data

Search all your data, even across multiple sources, no matter where it resides. Once Tellius connects to your data, it becomes searchable – no additional setup required.

Key Features of Tellius Search-Driven Analytics

  • Intelligent Search Engine

    Intelligent Search Engine

    Tellius guides the search experience and offers recommended search terms based on relevance and historical searches.

  • Scalable Data Architecture

    Scalable Data Architecture

    By leveraging in-memory computation of Apache Spark, Tellius FastQuery engine, and a distributed architecture, users instantly analyze billions of data points to discover hidden insights.

  • Search Any Source

    Search Any Source

    From a single search entry, Tellius can query data from one source, all your sources, or even data joined from multiple sources.

  • No data modeling required

    No data modeling required

    No need for manual pre-processing of data. Once data is loaded into our engine, it is ready for instant analysis.