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Genius AI Engine

The Tellius Genius AI Engine is specifically designed to make it incredibly easy for users to ask questions and get deep insights from their business data.

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  • Machine Learning

    Uncovers patterns and relationships while learning from your data and actions

  • Natural Language Processing

    Interacts with users in plain language and creates narratives alongside visualizations

  • Runs at scale

    Analyzes more than bilions of data points and scales to distributed architectures

  • Personalized Recommendations

    Anticipates your needs by automatically offering related insights and suggestions.

How it works

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    Data can come from applications, data lakes, data warehouse, spreadsheets, and more.

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    Profile your data, combine from disparate sources, and set up data pipelines for automated processing.

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    Visualize your data with natural language search. Share information through interactive vizpads.

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    Discover the why behind the what. Learn what is driving business performance with deep insights uncovered by machine learning.

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    Build, tune, and evaluate predictive models with a point-and-click interface. Embed models into external portals and applications.


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Tellius web UI

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  • Genius intelligence

    • natural language search engine

    • genius insights engine

    • predictive ml engine

    • bi visualization engine

  • In-memory compute

    • data connectors

    • data transformation

    • data pipelines

  • storage layer

    • distributed file system

    • fast query db

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Why Tellius?

Tellius is ushering in the age of Intelligent Analytics by augmenting typical BI features with AI-powered capabilities so your business can discover new insights faster and drive smarter outcomes.

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  • Self-Service Analytics

    Self-Service Analytics

    Democratize data access and empower everyone with intuitive analytics driven by voice and natural language search.

  • Genius Insights

    Genius Insights

    Save countless hours from manual data analysis with machine learning algorithms automatically uncovering hidden insights.

  • Explainable AI

    Explainable AI

    Build trust in automated and AI-driven insights through transparency and customization of machine learning models.

  • High Performance Data Platform

    High Performance Data Platform

    Unify data from files, databases, and big data sources, to get a complete picture of your business.


Built for any enterprise

  • Scalable Data Architecture

    Scalable Data Architecture

    By leveraging in-memory computation of Apache Spark, Tellius FastQuery engine, and a distributed architecture, users instantly analyze billions of data points to discover hidden insights.

  • Embedded Machine Learning

    Embedded Machine Learning

    Machine Learning algorithms are embedded to automatically surface insights to users and can be tuned to build custom predictive models.

  • Flexible Security

    Flexible Security

    Role-based user access is controlled at the individual and group level. Authentication can be integrated with LDAP or OAUTH. Row-level security provides granular data controls.

  • APIs


    Embed visualizations and predictive insights into other business applications with Web Service APIs.

  • Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration

    Whether your team consists of business users, analysts, or data scientists, they can all share and collaborate to build a data-driven culture.

  • Deployment Options

    Deployment Options

    Tellius is available to be installed on-premises or run in the cloud.