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Built-in Predictive

Flexible pricing for any deployment.

Choose from our infrastructure or yours.

Get Started with Tellius in Minutes

Get Started with Tellius in Minutes

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Get faster answers from all your data easier, with guided insights and just 2 clicks, in your AWS account

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Tellius Enterprise

Feature-Packed to Power the Insights-Driven Organization

Tellius Enterprise

Interactive filtering and drilling of visualizations

Rich formatting and configuration

Ask questions in natural language and voice

Sharing insights through dashboards

Best-fit data visualizations

Trend drivers, segmentation, & cohort comparisons

Anomaly detection and correlations

Automated data analysis driven by AI

Synonyms, Aliases, and Help Tellius Learn

Feed for proactive alerts & push insights

Transparency via Query Inspector

Flexible pricing for any deployment.

Choose from our infrastructure or yours.

Customer Cloud / On-Premises

Deploy on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or On-Premises

Cloud / On-Premises
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Deploy anywhere with our flexible architecture, delivering faster data insights on your preferred hosting platform

Customized pricing. Term commitments & volume pricing are available.

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Search-Driven Analytics


Automated machine learning modeling

Regression, classification, & clustering

Transparency via Explainable AI

Connect to cloud sources, databases, and files

Data preparation and transformation

SQL and Python scripting

Auto-scaling with elasticity


Role-based security and permissions

Single sign-on with SAML authentication

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Embedding and whitelabeling

Machine Learning Modeling

Data Preparation