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  • Instantly explore data to answer ad hoc questions on brand performance
  • Generate AI-driven insights to identify and explain changes in market share
  • Optimize HCP targeting by training ML models with a single click
  • Combine and prepare internal and external data for analysis


Nick Pinero

Director, Analytics Solutions


Boosting Pharma 
Brand Performance with 
Decision Intelligence

Pharmaceutical companies like yours have volumes of market data coming from third party providers like IQVIA and Symphony, as well as internal sales force data. Instead of being crushed by the data deluge, teams are now able to leverage AI-powered analytics to receive real-time insights to solve all the complex questions about their brand’s performance. 

Join us as we discuss how an AI-powered analytics can perform diagnostics to discover the key drivers of your brand’s commercial performance.


"Every C-level meeting brings new questions. With Tellius in the room, we have instant data analysis and immediate decisions without waiting days for answers." 

Director of Commercial Analytics 

Boosting Pharma 
Brand Performance with Decision Intelligence