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"With Tellius at our fingertips, we can just ask data questions and get answers ourselves. That's a lot easier -- and it's more of a dynamic data conversation -- versus ad hoc requests back and forth between analyst and business teams."

Jaime Romano, Senior Director, Category Development & Capability/NRM

Haleon (formerly GSK Consumer Health)

Seize market opportunity with AI-driven data insights for your shopper insights, marketing, and category management teams

10x Faster Decision Intelligence

for CPG Companies

Welcome to the era of machine learning and AI-driven insights that are easy to understand, share, and take action on.

Work smarter and more efficiently when data insights assisted by AI puts critical answers at everyone's fingertips.

Gain a market advantage when your teams can quickly collaborate and understand the story hidden across your sales, retailer, and market research data.

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Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies operate in a highly competitive market. With shelf space at a premium, inflation challenges, and consumer behavior continuously changing, the path to grabbing market share is never certain. Consumer brands need to use data and analytics to track underlying changes in purchase patterns and be more agile in decision-making to ensure they're meeting the needs of the modern consumer.

Tellius helps democratize data for CPG organizations by providing a self-service way to explore and analyze data for category management, shopper insights, marketing, and supply chain teams.

Get your Guide to AI Analytics for CPG Companies to learn how Tellius can help increase organizational analytical agility, improving decisions related to pricing, assortment strategy, personalization, and much more. 

Inform every business decision from all your data

You will learn:

  • The top 5 analytics use cases where CPG companies are taking advantage of AI-driven decision intelligence
  • How organizations upskill their existing data teams by gaining massive productivity gains through automation and ease of use
  • How business teams utilize innovative analytics to get faster answers to critical questions from third-party and internal data sources

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