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  • Why diagnostic analysis provides a crucial edge over rearview-mirror descriptive analytics
  • How augmented analytics capabilities, including key-driver and root-cause analysis, change the game
  • How capabilities such as AutoML make predictive analytics and machine learning more accessible
  • How data, analytics, and business teams, work together to drive actionable insight and decisive action

Get to the 'Why?' : Driving Action with Diagnostic Insights & Analytics Collaboration


Rearview mirror business intelligence is coming up short. Leading organizations are embracing diagnostic analytics to understand the whys behind outcomes and predictive analytics to see what's coming next. The good news is that modern analytical capabilities are augmenting straight-up reporting and human interpretation, delivering deeper insight to drive better, data-driven decisions. But it's not just about the technology. Best practices have evolved that foster collaboration and business-savvy curation to deliver actionable insights.

Join Doug Henschen, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, and Chris Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Tellius, for an interactive discussion on how to bridge the gap between BI and AI to drive better decisions and actions.

Go Beyond BI to Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

Guest Speaker:

Doug Henschen

Constellation Research

Get to the 'Why?' : Driving Action with Diagnostic & Predictive Analytics


  • Doug Henschen is Vice President and Principal Analyst focusing on data-driven decision making. Henschen’s Data-to-Decisions research examines how organizations employ data analysis to reimagine their business models and gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Henschen's research acknowledges the fact that innovative applications of data analysis requires a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Chris Walker leads Product Marketing at Tellius and previously held a senior product marketing role at Dataiku, a data science/machine learning platform. Before that he spent several years at Gartner where he launched several offerings tailored to C-level Analytics & IT executives.

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