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There is a costly — and growing — insights gap between the few highly technical data experts who can analyze big data — and the masses of business users and analysts seeking insights to make better data driven decisions. On one side of the gap are data experts like data scientists using Python, Tensorflow, and SQL to decode signals from the noise of cloud-native applications, streaming social media, and other sources. On the other side are domain experts using BI platforms and spreadsheets to handcraft insights, which grows harder as data volume, velocity, and variance grows.  

This gap causes analytic bottlenecks and business decision delays which are costly in terms of missed opportunities and increased business risk. Stakes continue to rise for firms to identify and act on insights, and the gap grows with each additional investment in AI, ML, and alternative data models and sources. 

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Close the Growing Divide Between BI and Data Science Silos to Unlock Your True Analytics Potential

Learn how AI-Driven Decision Intelligence Bridges the Insights Gap in Your Organization


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Accelerate Your Journey From Data to Insights

Learn how Decision Intelligence Bridges the Insights Gap in Your Organization