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What is unique about the Tellius business analytics platform?

Tellius is a solution geared for advanced analytics: the next evolution in big data. Leverage operational intelligence through advanced machine learning and data exploration technologies on a single, powerful platform. Allow your business users to explore their data in a way that’s responsive and intuitive.

Data Fabric

A new data fabric that transforms business analytics by leveraging the power of in-memory data processing. Tellius accelerates time to market, maximizes customer lifetime value, optimizes healthcare insights and uncovers opportunities before your competition does.

Lightning Fast

Big data? No big deal. Distributed data processing means you’re collecting, converging and interrogating your data assets at lightening speed for real-time business intelligence. Spend less time on analyzing and more time on execution. 

Schema Free

Siloed data simply doesn’t deliver. Tellius intelligently understands your database schema and relationships. Easily scale your datasets and perform deep queries to uncover latent potential in your information assets. 

Data Fusion

Combine internal and external data sources for a holistic view of your organization’s operational, customer, sales, marketing and financial performance. Complete the data puzzle and shift your entire organization into higher gear.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced machine learning algorithms that provide deeper insights into critical business challenges. Powerful visualization dashboards put the competitive advantage in plain sight.  This is your data, your way.

Interactive VizPads

We go beyond presenting you with static dashboards. With Tellius VizPads, we enable business users, data scientists and analysts to manipulate data they way want to get the results they need – every time.

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