On a mission to build the most intelligent, yet easy to use business analytics solution

Our Vision

Tellius vision is to build the most intelligent, yet simple to use interface for business analytics. We strongly believe that Big Data and advanced technologies shouldn’t equate to complexity – computing and crunching vast amounts of information should be Simple, Instinctive and insightful.

The era of BI systems that demand manual exploration are over. Business users want “real conversations” with their data, instead of leaving it to trained data scientists to interpret outputs and build reports based on it. Our mission is to provide automated meaningful insights and recommendations to business users using a search like interface where users can ask questions in a natural language.

SnapComms Vision

We are on mission to make analytics easier for everyone

Our platform is the most advanced, yet its ease of use makes it equally the most intuitive

Our team

  • Ajay Khanna

    CEO & Founder

    Ajay Khanna, CEO & Founder of Tellius is a serial entrepreneur with vision to build the most intelligent interface for business analytics providing automated insights and recommendations. Ajay has 22+ years of extensive experience in building big data analytics platforms, as well as managing world-class, agile, distributed teams. Previously, Ajay was CTO with Celcite, very fast growing company before getting acquired by Amdocs, where he built closed loop Self optimizing (SON) solution for managing wireless telecom networks. Ajay holds an Electrical Engineering degree.

    Ajay Khanna

    CEO & Founder

  • Ranjit Verma

    Head of Engineering

    As Head of Engineering, Ranjit Verma manages Customer engagements and Solutions Engineering in creating comprehensive Analytical solutions. Ranjit has total of 22+ years of experience in driving innovation, value and growth through thought leadership. Previously, he was working with Celcite as VP, Global Solutions before being acquired by Amdocs. During his free times he loves reading, watching cricket and soccer, spending time with his family and hanging out with friends. Ranjit holds an Electrical Engineering degree.

    Ranjit Verma

    Head of Engineering

  • Taylor Johnson

    Sales Director

    As Sales Director, Taylor has endeavored to build the Tellius sales engine from the ground up. He leads all Sales initiatives and is committed to bringing Tellius’ disruptive innovation to market. He brings an articulate vision and a results-driven attitude to any organization he leads. Taylor holds Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Information Systems and brings technical acumen with over a decade of enterprise sales and leadership experience to Tellius.

    Taylor Johnson

    Sales Director

  • Jessica Del Po

    HR and People Operations Manager

    Jessica is the Manager of Human Resources and People Operations at Tellius. She possesses over 8 years of human resources and organizational development experience. Jessica is responsible for implementing human resource management strategies that enable Tellius to recruit, train, and retain a high performing and motivated workforce. Jessica specializes in talent management, employee engagement and is passionate about building a culture of engagement and helping businesses make the most of their resources and talent. She enjoys traveling, cooking, volunteer work, reading and spending time with friends and family.

    Jessica Del Po

    HR and People Operations Manager

  • Madhukara Phatak

    Technical Lead

    Madhukara joined Tellius after five years of extensive experience in big data technologies and distributed systems like Hadoop, Apache Spark. Madhukara is organizer of meetup group “Bangalore Apache Spark Meetup”. Worked on building scalable big data platforms for various verticals like financing, health care, telecom etc. Madhukara earned his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from VTU university, Karnataka.

    Madhukara Phatak

    Technical Lead

  • Jason Gran

    Data Scientist

    Jason is a data scientist at Tellius, working on advanced machine learning techniques to develop better big data business analytics solutions. Jason joined Tellius after five years of particle physics research where he gained experience in statistical data analysis, machine learning, and distributed computing. Jason has a Ph.D. in particle physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Outside of work, Jason enjoys reading, learning new skills, and spending time with his family.

    Jason Gran

    Data Scientist

  • Rebekah deButts

    Sales Development Rep

    Rebekah deButts has recently joined our Sales Development team and contributes a strong customer success attitude. Rebekah has a background in both sales and e-commerce which has allowed her to bring an intuitive skill set to lead generation. In addition, Rebekah got her degree in Psychology with a concentration in Human Factors and Applied Cognition from George Mason University. Within these studies she became particularly interested in human interaction with technology and is able to integrate this emerging field with her enthusiastic approach in sales.

    Rebekah deButts

    Sales Development Rep

  • Shashank Gowda

    Senior Software Engineer

    Shashank is a big data enthusiast with experience on various open source frameworks like Hadoop, Apache Spark. Contributed in building solutions for domains like e-commerce, financial industry and telecom. Shashank is co-organizer of Bangalore Apache Spark meetup group contributing to the Spark community in Bangalore. Shashank earned his degree in Computer Science from VTU university, Karnataka. Outside work, Shashank spends time hanging out with family/friends, reading and travelling.

    Shashank Gowda

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Abhishek Saini

    Senior Software Engineer

    Abhishek joined Tellius after five years of full stack developer experience in Healthcare industry in Bangalore, India. Abhishek has experience working with Angular, JavaScript, html, CSS for web development along with Virtualization as well as databases/ APIs. Outside of work, Abhishek enjoys swimming, reading world affairs, and spending time with his pet. Abhishek has an Engineering degree in Computer Science from University of Kurukshetra, Haryana, India.

    Abhishek Saini

    Senior Software Engineer


  • Dr. Amrinder Arora


    Dr. Amrinder Arora is a Serial entrepreneur, author and computer scientist. Amrinder is CEO of Bizmerlin, a leading provider of HR management solutions for Small and medium businesses. Amrinder is also an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and an expert in the field of algorithms. Amrinder holds a PhD in Computer science from George Washington University.

    Dr. Amrinder Arora, PhD Computer Science

    Serial Entrepreneur, CEO and Computer scientist

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